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Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy

I offer a personalised approach because every smoker is different.


Eight out of ten clients stop after the first session. 

Image by Lenka Sluneckova

Two Session Quit

In our first session (2 hours) we will review your smoking history and get an understanding of when, where and why you smoke. Together we frame suggestions to be given to your subconscious mind. Then we move into the hypnotic process so that you leave a non-smoker.

In the second session (1 hour) we will check your progress, tidy up anything that might have occurred during your first week and reinforce the suggestions focussing on never taking up smoking again.

Most people report little or no craving, and that they are breathing and sleeping better.

Around two out of ten smokers have either an emotional hook to smoking, or  a really bad week at home or work. These clients may experience difficult moments during the first week. Usually the second session will sort that out, but around one in ten will need a third session. It is important to stay with the process until you are confident that you really are a non-smoker. 

Two session quit: $480 (less than 10 packs of cigarettes)

Follow up third session (if necessary): $120​

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